CBD Capsules vs. Oil: What Makes Them Different?

CBD Capsules vs. Oil: What Makes Them Different?

Nowadays, there are so many CBD products on the market. So much so that most people have a hard time deciding what to purchase. The big number of CBD advertising companies is making this choice even tougher.

Sometimes, they’re not even aware of the differences between the products. This can be a major problem, especially if we consider the fact that Cannabidiol is used to treat some serious medical conditions.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before making a decision. Although there are lots of cool items out there, such as CBD creams and rollers, most customers focus on CBD capsules and oil. According to the reviews (as well as sales numbers), these two are the best, most popular cannabidiol substances.

So, today we’re going to compare CBD capsules vs. oil. Do they have the same impact on our bodies? Is there any difference in CBD concentration?

We will answer all these questions and much more, so make sure to read the whole article!

What is CBD oil?

As you can tell, based on its name, this item is an oil with a high concentration of CBD substance.

It is primarily used for ailments, but it is becoming more popular as an ingredient for beauty products. Most people use it topically, but you can also drink it.

CBD Capsules vs. Oil: What Makes Them Different?

CBD oil can be made either from hemp or cannabis. Cannabis has a much higher THC concentration (psychoactive substance), which is why it is often prohibited or in some other way restricted.

It is much easier for CBD manufacturers to make their products from hemp, which is why this group of products is much more common.

The whole procedures start by harvesting hemp or cannabis. Various parts of the plant are then dried and crushed into powder, and afterward, oil is extracted from this powder. Most companies rely on CO2 extraction, but other extraction processes are also utilized.

What about THC?

As previously mentioned, hemp-based CBD oil gives manufacturers much more liberty during production. It is very important for the substance to have less than 0.3% THC. Otherwise, it is often classified as an illicit substance.

There are some indications that this percentage will become even lower in the future. For example, the EU is thinking about creating laws that would prohibit the use of cannabis products that have more than 0.1% THC.

When purchasing CBD oil, you can choose between different groups of items, such as full-spectrum hemp oil, broad-spectrum hemp oil, and isolates. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Furthermore, items such as broad-spectrum oil and isolates have no THC whatsoever. This makes them ideal for consumers who want to avoid this potentially hazardous substance.

CBD Capsules vs. Oil: Benefits and drawbacks

Like any other medicine, CBD oil has its advantages and disadvantages. Luckily, its benefits highly outweigh the side effects.

The main thing worth noting is that CBD oil is quickly absorbed. If you place it under your tongue, it will quickly reach your system, ensuring you have enough cannabinoids during the day. This makes it much quicker compared to capsules that have to be digested by our stomachs.

CBD droppers are also much easier to dose. If you think that you haven’t taken enough CBD oil, you can just increase it a bit. If you think that the effect is too strong, you can easily reduce it during the next intake.

That makes it much better than capsules where you’re forced to take a certain dosage each time.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of CBD oil, compared to CBD capsules, is its taste. A lot of users describe its earthy flavor. It has a natural taste that most people don’t appreciate.

Because of that, the whole process can be a bit tedious. Even if CBD oil has an aroma to it, you will still feel strong wooden and earthy undertones. It is also much harder to travel with this product.

This is especially true if you’re taking an airplane. Simply put, the control will not allow the transport of any oil. Because of that, capsules are much better for patients who are traveling a lot.

What are CBD capsules?

Cannabidiol capsules are very convenient, and in that sense, very similar to traditional drugs. Even though they provide a similar type of relief, they are used in a different manners.

There are two types of CBD capsules. In both cases, the manufacturers will use standard capsules that are used for all traditional drugs. The main difference is what’s inside.

The first type of capsules will have powder-like CBD, while the second one will have CBD oil inside. As you can presume, different extraction methods are used for procuring powder and oil.

If you decide to buy capsules filled with oil, keep in mind that the extraction process will be the same as with CBD oil. These capsules also incorporate certain carrier oils.

For example, manufacturers will add olive oil or coconut oil. By doing so, they will fill the capsule, but it should also help with digestion.

Powder CBD capsules are very similar. The only difference is the extraction method. These capsules will also rely on carrier oil as an additional ingredient.

CBD capsules compared to oil

CBD capsules are very discreet. Most people will not even notice that you’re using cannabidiol as they are the same as the traditional capsules.

In fact, unless you’re looking directly at the user, you might even think he or she is eating candies or something similar. This is especially important in countries where Cannabidiol is illegal or partially legal.

As already mentioned, they are also much tastier than CBD oil. Perhaps the biggest issue is that some people cannot use capsules without drinking water. This can be somewhat of a hassle if you’re in public.

Given that CBD is packed in capsules, it will take some time for your stomach fluids to dissolve it. While most people do care about this, it can be a bit problematic for those who are suffering from chronic pain or require immediate relief for whatever reason.

What is better: CBD oil or capsules?

It is really hard to answer this question. It usually comes down to personal preferences and your daily routine. As already mentioned, it usually comes down to several things, such as ease of usage, flavor, and quickness of digestion.

What’s important is that both products work in a very similar way. If they’re made by the same company, you can expect almost the same impact (that is, if you take the same dosage).

One of the things that we didn’t mention is that CBD oil can be used for its anti-aging properties. It gives your skin a youthful appearance, and it can prevent wrinkles. Of course, this is something completely different.

If you need additional piece of advice, make sure to contact our online team. We can help you with any questions you might have and give you the best product recommendation based on your current medical situation.

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